Urban Assembly School of Music and Art

The Bard Early College Academy @ UAMA prepares students for college and the world of work. Our program infuses a rigorous college preparatory curriculum with arts integration and intensive arts elective courses. Through our dedication to the incorporation of literacy in all subjects and our partnership with Bard College, our students learn to be critical thinkers and creative communicators.

They learn to process and analyze complex information, view information in context, connect it to prior learning, and convey their ideas in a purposeful and convincing manner. The Bard Early College Academy at the Urban Assembly School of Music and Art (UAMA) enables UAMA students in 11th and 12th grade to enroll as part-time undergraduate students of Bard College and earn up to 12 tuition-free college credits concurrently with their high school studies.

Our program capitalizes upon our students’ love of the arts and their desire to engage in self-expression. We create an environment where students understand the practical relevance of their learning to be able to fulfill their visions for the future

Look at our slideshow below to see some of the details about our school!